Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Musical Magic at the Herbert

Stanley & Grimm Play the Herbert
     The Boardmans rocked the rafters with Celtic tunes at the Herbert on Friday as the crowd tapped their feet and clapped their hands to the lively music produced by the animated playing of the bass and the fiddle.  Standing in front of the beautiful oak-mantled fireplace, with soft lights framing the mirror above, the duo generated an energy that filled the room with sound and made me wonder about the many other musical performances and events that prior generations had experienced in this lovely building.  In this very room.

     Had Nordica, to whom a nearby museum is dedicated, ever thrilled an audience with her voice here?

      Did Dean Martin ever stop at the Herbert during one of his rumored trips to Maine and croon a few bars of "It's Amore"?

     How many other musical talents have formally or informally entertained area residents and visitors in the spacious lobby, which gives the impression of intimacy and immediacy but which can comfortably seat 120 guests?  The number amazes me, yet 120 people attended the Stanley & Grimm concert in October and all those who attended had the room to move to the music of another duo that strummed and fiddled out lively traditional Celtic songs.

     In December, we had the honor of hosting the Mt. Abram High School Band Christmas Concert, which filled the dining room and lobby with holiday music and brought the holiday spirit to everyone present.  The rooms were alive with the sound of music and hotel guests were charmed by the spirited performance of the band. 

     And, at the end of this month, on March 30th, Down East Brass will perform and the music should be sensational.   Another concert and another spirited evening at the Herbert.  The building will be alive with the sound of music, and the lobby will be filled with people who will join me in enjoying this very special place to be in Kingfield.  If these walls could talk, they would probably have a lot to tell.  For now, musical magic will continue to be made at the Herbert and I will keep poking around to learn as much as I can about the past performances that have graced this grand old place.

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