Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Skiing and All That Sunshine!!

      Happiness for many of our long-time skiing guests is heading out to the slopes wearing a tee shirt, shorts, a headband and a smile.  Spring skiing.  And, they are enjoying that pleasure this week.

     I now hear their murmurs of "Oh, yeah," as they walk out of the lobby doors of the Herbert and they feel the balmy air instead of a blast of frigid wind.  They also like being able to ski rapidly down the slopes without being slowed by the weight of jackets, ski pants, heavy base layers, and hats.  No heavy packing, no bulging dufflebag to lug and no chance of frostbite.

     These are hardcore skiers who, throughout the winter, take every chance available to ski through days with temperatures as low as -20 or less with the windchill factor.  No matter how cold the day, they head out of the hotel early in order to catch the first lift, and they don't leave the mountain until the last run.  Nearly every skier who braves those bitterly cold days also speaks of spring skiing as being the ultimate ski experience.  Some rhapsodize about feeling the sun on their bare arms and legs as they fly rapidly down the trails.  Others tell me that there is no explaining the experience, because you just have to be there.

     My guests are happy.


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