Monday, April 23, 2012


                Spring officially arrived at the HerbertGrand Hotel last weekend.   We welcomed the first two hikers of 2012, who stayed with us a few nights while they climbed Mt. Bigelow.  Another guest and his wife came in and raved about the delicious brook trout they had caught in a nearby stream and cooked at a friend’s house.   Out came our Herbert Grand Hotel water bottles and with them came the realization that it is SPRING!
            Hikers, bikers, cyclists, birdwatchers, fly fishers, moose watchers and others who enjoy the attractions of Spring in the Western Mountains of Maine will join us at the Herbert Grand Hotel.   Repeat guests, who already know that snow is not the only reason to visit this area, are reserving rooms and we will be renewing old friendships. 
The streets have been swept and the sand and salt are gone, so we will soon be seeing our adventure touring guests who can now ride their motorcycles safely on the cleared roads.   I look forward to welcoming the many American and Canadian guests who enjoy this area from the vantage point of their beautiful and very powerful motorcycles.   And, yes, we are members of the United Bikers of Maine, so UBM members receive a discount.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Don't Worry....Be Happy

             Reggae Fest has been a really good time for guests of the Herbert Hotel over the years, but THIS year it will be even better.  Our guests  will save money by staying at the Herbert Hotel.  No minimum night requirement.  We’re welcoming you for one night, two nights or however many nights you wish.  AND if you get together a group of six or more of your best or soon-to-be-best friends, you won’t have to worry about the drive to Sugarloaf and back.  We’ll provide the transportation. 
To enjoy this special perk, call us directly to book rooms at 207-265-2000.  We will make certain that you have rides to the Rave and to other Reggae fun as well as rides back.
We have fun when the hotel is filled with people who have reasons in common for being here, and the people who attend Reggae Fest DO know how to have fun.  Bring your friends and come to party.  So Don't Worry....Be Happy and know that we’ll help you to have a great time by giving you a great rate and by keeping you out of trouble on the road.