Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Riders and Bikers Return to Maine

            Clear skies, warm temperatures and the sounds of motorcycles pulling up to the Herbert Hotel are welcome signs of spring.  
Some riders stay with us on their way from Quebec or other Canadian provinces to Bar Harbor or different areas of coastal Maine.  Others travel from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and states further away as members of adventure touring groups.  We are one of their stops in what might be a ten-day itinerary.  All arrive filled with the exhilaration and the sense of freedom that come from viewing the beautiful Western Mountains of Maine from the seat of a motorcycle.
In a few weeks, a large group of riders will join us at the Herbert Hotel on their way to Americade in Lake George, New York, where they will spend a week at the Motel Montreal, our sister property.  Rob had a great time with J.P. and the group last year and is looking forward to their stay this year.  I can’t wait to meet them.
Today, Nathalie and Mario, our first two Canadian riders of the season, arrived on a Star Classic and a Suzuki, both beautiful and well-maintained machines.  They graciously allowed me to take their picture and to post it on this blog.  Don’t worry, they were wearing helmets when they rode up, but they took them off for the picture.

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